Why Community Preschool?

When you choose a community based preschool you are selecting one that: 

  • is run by the community for the community; 

  • is not-for-profit with all fees directly benefiting your child's education; 

  • strives to keep fees affordable for families; 

  • employs qualified early childhood teachers; 

  • operates with small group sizes with professional, experienced and well trained educators. 

  • provides a safe and well-resourced educational setting for children and a caring and nurturing environment; 

  • welcomes parent participation and strives to build strong partnerships between families, staff and local community. 

  • encourages ongoing professional development for all staff; 


The overall benefits of a quality early childhood education setting for your child helps them to develop in the following ways: 

  • building intellectual skills and a love of learning. 

  • improving language and communication skills. 

  • developing social and emotional maturity and the ability to relate effectively and positively with peers and adults. 

  • working towards development of social play skills, co-operative play and conflict resolution. 

  • encouraging independence, self-esteem and self-confidence. 

  • provision of endless opportunities to explore the world around them and their own creativity through music, arts, crafts and drama. 

  • learning great habits for life such as healthy eating, the importance of physical activity and developing a positive outlook on life. 

​Term Dates 2022/23

Term 1

Tuesday 1st February - Friday 8th April

Term 2

Tuesday 26th April - Friday 1st July

Term 3

Monday 18th July - Friday 23rd September

Term 4

Monday 10th October - Friday 16th December

Term 1 - 2023

Monday 30th January - Thursday 6th April

Term 2 - 2023

Monday 24th April - Friday 30th June

Term 3 - 2023

Monday 17th July - Friday 22nd Sept

Term 4 - 2023

Monday 9th Oct - Friday 15th Dec