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Preschool for 3-5 year olds

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Gumnuts Nature Learners

Learning in nature is not only beneficial, but essential to a child’s development of independence, resilience, physical abilities and awareness of the world.

Children and educators in the Gumnuts group spend their mornings learning in Crawford Park, affectionately known as 'Bush World', appreciating and caring for the environment, learning new skills, such as tool work, fire, and identification of plants and animals and together are currently planting for regeneration and development of this area.

Afternoons are spent back at preschool researching, planning and working on projects begun outside the fence, incorporating literacy, numeracy and many other key learning concepts to achieve the expected learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework  in a very practical, active and contextual manner.

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Tool work in bushworld

Inclusion Support program

Alstonville Community Preschool is committed to inclusion for all children with diverse cultural backgrounds, differing abilities and learning differences, and actively supports their full participation in a quality early childhood preschool program.


  • Funding is available through the NSW Department of Education to help children with Inclusion Support needs participate in the preschool program and progress successfully with their learning goals along with their peers;

  • Educators work in partnership with local therapists, inclusion support agencies and schools;

  • Our Inclusion Support Leader is employed to oversee this program within the preschool – working with educators on Individual Learning Plans for children, professional development and mentoring, and ensuring inclusion is embedded in all aspects of the preschool’s operation.


PiP's - Partners in Play Playgroup 

​The playgroup is 

  • run each Wednesday morning in school terms

  • an introduction to preschool education

  • for families of 2-3 year old children to come together to enjoy play with their child,

  • facilitated by early childhood educators who are available to discuss child development and any concerns parents            may have, information on local services and ideas for play at home.

  • ​an opportunity for both children and parents to become familiar with the preschool and what an early childhood education service provides.

  • great for getting to know other parents before preschool

  • funded by the NSW Department of Educations Start Strong Pathways Program;


Topics of interests for parents regarding child development, and provide support around play parenting are presented throughout the year.

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