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Enrolment Process

Step 1: Complete the Waiting List Application form. 

             Please see Priority of Access for information about                          when your child will be eligible for preschool.


Step 2: All families on our waiting list will be invited to                                    our Annual Open Day (usually held in June each year).


Step 3: In August all families with eligible children on                                      our waiting list will be asked to confirm their interest in a                  place for the following year.


Step 4: Following offers and place allocations, confirmation of                       enrolment and invoices for enrolment fees will be sent


Step 5: A time is arranged to visit the preschool with your child,                 meet with our Director and/or key staff and finalise all                     enrolment paperwork and fees.


Step 5: Receive your enrolment pack.

Your child's enrolment pack will include:

Wet-bag, preschool t-shirt, hat &

Starting Preschool story book to read

with your child.

Bag green.png
green t-shirt.png
Starting Preschool 2021-1.jpg
purple hat.png

2024 Enrolment Options 

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