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Gumnuts Nature Learners

Learning in nature is not only beneficial, but essential to a child’s development of independence, resilience, physical abilities and awareness of the world.

Gumnuts is one of our five preschool groups, whose educators and children spend their mornings twice each week learning in Crawford Park, affectionately known as 'Bush World' by the children, caring for the environment and learning new skills, such as tool work, weaving, nature crafts and identification of plants and animals.

Afternoons are spent back at preschool researching, planning and working on projects begun outside the fence, incorporating literacy, numeracy and many other key learning concepts to achieve the expected learning outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework  in a very practical, active and contextual manner.

Gumnuts are a registered Junior Landcare group and are currently planting for regeneration and development of this area as a learning environment. 


                     For children to:   

1. develop an active appreciation of nature, nature play and care for Country,

2. work together to learn about native plants and weeds, regeneration and biodiversity,

3. create a learning environment in Crawford Park to support the children's appreciation of the natural world.

Tool work in bushworld
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