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About Us

Alstonville Community Preschool is open weekdays between 8.30am and 4.00pm during NSW school terms.


Children may enrol for 2 days per week in keeping with the NSW Department of Educations’ Start Strong for Community Preschools' program. This ensures that all children have affordable access to at least 600 hrs of preschool education in their year before school.

Our aim is to work in partnership with families to create a stimulating and supportive learning environment where all children can learn, develop and explore through play.

Alstonville Community Preschool Inc. is a not for profit community based preschool established in January 2014 by an amazing group of parents, staff and community members who worked together to ensure that Alstonville had a high quality early childhood learning environment for children for the future.  Our preschool is governed by a voluntary Management Committee of up to ten family and community members who are elected each year at the Annual General Meeting.


Families are encouraged to become involved in the preschool in whatever ways they are able. This could be membership of our Management Committee, fundraising activities, sharing skills and knowledge with the children, helping at working bees, or donating reusable resources for our craft supplies.

We look forward to sharing what we do in this wonderful early childhood space with you and your child.

Philosophy Tree 2022.jpg

Our Philosophy Tree (see above) highlights  nature based play as central to the many learning experiences planned for children here each day. Each leaf reflects "what matters here" in the words of our children and families.


You can read our Statement of Values below:

Exceeding 300 RGB_14.jpg

In 2021 our preschool was again rated Exceeding in all

Quality Areas

of the

National Quality Standard for

Early Childhood

Education and Care services.


Governance & Leadership

Early childhood and Care Services such as ours, that are managed by the community are able to:

  • make decisions which reflect their community and its culture

  • be connected to and responsive to their local community

  • develop social capital by building connections, relationships and networks for families

The Management Committee is ultimately responsible for meeting all financial and legal obligations of the preschool, ensuring its ongoing viability and is the employer of all preschool staff.

The NSW Department of Education is the Regulatory Authority responsible for compliance and funding of the Preschool. Assessment and Compliance Officers from the Department visit regularly to ensure we maintain our high standards of education and care.

Management Committee Members


Why Community Preschool?

When you choose a community based preschool you are selecting one that: 

  • is run by the community for the community; 

  • is not-for-profit with all fees directly benefiting your child's education; 

  • strives to keep fees affordable for families; 

  • employs qualified early childhood teachers; 

  • operates with small group sizes with professional, experienced and well trained educators. 

  • provides a safe and well-resourced educational setting for children and a caring and nurturing environment; 

  • welcomes parent participation and strives to build strong partnerships between families, staff and local community. 

  • encourages ongoing professional development for all staff; 


The overall benefits of a quality early childhood education setting for your child helps them to develop in the following ways: 

  • building intellectual skills and a love of learning. 

  • improving language and communication skills. 

  • developing social and emotional maturity and the ability to relate effectively and positively with peers and adults. 

  • working towards development of social play skills, co-operative play and conflict resolution. 

  • encouraging independence, self-esteem and self-confidence. 

  • provision of endless opportunities to explore the world around them and their own creativity through music, arts, crafts and drama. 

  • learning great habits for life such as healthy eating, the importance of physical activity and developing a positive outlook on life. 

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