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Our Play Spaces

Alstonville Community Preschool has two large classrooms with up to 23 children in each group who all attend on the same days, and as far as practicable with the same educators. This allows for a wonderful consistency of relationship, familiarity and belonging between the children and educators in each group.

Both classrooms are open, light filled and welcoming, and carefully set up each day by educators to offer stimulating learning environments for children, using natural materials and resources where possible, in keeping with the nature pedagogy philosophy of the preschool.

The preschool is well equipped and resourced for implementing high quality learning experiences for 3-5 year olds.

The beautiful outdoor area offers a variety of play spaces - from digging in the mudpatch to quietly swinging beneath the large camphor laurel tree or gardening with friends, there is something for all children. ​​

A third play space utilised by the Gumnuts Nature Learners program two days each week, is the area the children refer to as ‘bushworld’, just outside the preschool in Crawford Park. 

For more information about this program see PROGRAMS WE OFFER 


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